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Our commitments

Our CSR Commitments

Built upon our values of commitment, solidarity, and sharing, we believe in sustainable viticulture, where every action contributes to a better future.

Our commitment is realized through several key areas:

  • Creating value for the wine industry and ourselves: We strengthen partnerships with winemakers and suppliers, focusing on the quality and premiumization of our products. Relationships with territorial institutions are energized while maintaining fair practices.
  • Promotion of human capital: We nurture a culture of quality, ensure health and safety at work, and enhance the quality of life within our team. Social dialogue is encouraged, and partnerships are developed with local actors such as schools, culture, and associations.
  • Environmental project at the heart of our concerns: We advance our range of organic and biodynamic wines, preserve resources and energy, and integrate eco-design and circular economy practices. Biodiversity is at the core of our efforts, and we actively promote sustainable agriculture among our partners.

At Vignobles & Compagnie, our vision extends far beyond simply producing wine. It is a commitment to sustainable practices, enriching human relationships, and preserving our environment for future generations.

24 000

trees planted with our partner Reforest’Action


local wines


of suppliers with environmental certification


cuvées with environmental certification

Sharing . Solidarity . Sustainable agriculture . Audacity . Sharing . Solidarity . Sustainable agriculture . Audacity . Sharing . Solidarity . Sustainable agriculture . Audacity .

Our product commitments

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Our wine partners play a central role in our sourcing, guided by ethical and sustainable principles. Sourcing local wines is a priority as it allows us to build close relationships with our local producers and showcase the richness of our terroir. Additionally, our commitment to the environment is evident through collaborations with wine suppliers holding environmental certifications such as HVE, Organic, and Biodynamic. This sustainable approach reinforces our mission to promote vineyard practices that respect nature while offering our customers authentic taste experiences.


At the heart of our wine cellar, our environmental commitments are concrete and tangible. We are fully invested in waste management through selective sorting and an eco-responsible approach to effluents. Our responsible approach extends to water management, where we seek to optimize consumption, recover resources, and reduce our water footprint. At the same time, we strive to optimize our energy consumption, actively exploring renewable energy solutions to minimize our environmental impact.

Dry materials

Our dry material suppliers undergo a comprehensive evaluation, including recyclability, eco-friendly transport, and a preference for partners committed to sustainability. We optimize the weight of our bottles to reduce our environmental impact. The choice of bottles prioritizes lightness and eco-design. Our selection of cardboard is characterized by minimal use of materials. Regarding corks, we favor FSC cork, and our packaging reflects our CSR commitments by using recycled paper, reducing materials and ornaments, all while remaining aesthetically responsible.


Our commitments to the packaging and logistics of wines are firmly focused on sustainability:

  1. We place great importance on waste management, implementing selective sorting for cardboard, glass, plastic, and glassines, and using reusable or returnable dividers.
  2. In our water management approach, we strive to reduce consumption by optimizing its use, recovering, and reusing water whenever possible.
  3. Energy management is a priority, with constant monitoring of our consumption, heat recovery, and energy reuse wherever feasible.
  4. Regarding transportation, we prioritize the optimization of internal and external routes, choosing carriers in line with our environmental values, thereby contributing to reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives


Through our partnership with Reforest’Action, we have planted 24,000 trees in the Peruvian Amazon, a vital stronghold of global biodiversity. This reforestation initiative embodies our deep commitment to preserving the Amazon rainforest, which is an essential lung for our planet. We take pride in actively contributing to the fight against deforestation and the maintenance of ecological balance.

Embossed Bottle

Our embossed bottle, designed with a distinctive front/back design, stands out for its exceptional lightweight construction of only 480 grams, making it one of the lightest on the market. This lightweight design significantly reduces our carbon footprint while maintaining the quality of our products.

Eco-friendly Filtration

In 2016, we introduced an innovative eco-friendly filtration system using reeds as a natural filter. Our first effluent treatment basin, equipped with reeds, ensures natural and environmentally friendly purification, free from chemicals. Our goal is to reintroduce purified water into nature in accordance with ICPE standards (Classified Installations for the Protection of the Environment), while eliminating the production of sludge, which is transformed into humus on-site through composting. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to ecosystem-friendly solutions.

Responsible Wines

We are proud to offer nearly 50 cuvées of responsible wines, with labels awarded for both our AOP Rhône Valley wines and our varietal wines. This approach illustrates our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly viticultural practices. We are determined to provide quality products while actively participating in the preservation of our vineyard ecosystem.

Quality of Work Life

We prioritize the quality of work life by offering team-building activities, tasting workshops, and adapting workstations based on visits from the ergonomist. We are committed to continuously improving our workspaces to provide an environment conducive to the well-being and fulfillment of our team. These actions reflect our dedication to the well-being of our employees and the creation of a positive work atmosphere.

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