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The history


Establishment of the Regional Center for the Expansion and Promotion of Wines from the Côtes du Rhône in Gard (CREPVIN), resulting from the collaboration of about a dozen cooperative wineries in Gard.


Entry of the Merlaut family (Taillan Group). Establishment of the Compagnie Vinicole de la Vallée du Rhône (CVVR).


Jean-Marie Berteau takes the lead of the company. Modernization and technical and economic development.


Establishment of the first partnerships with the Estates & Châteaux of the Rhône Valley.


Birth of La Compagnie Rhodanienne.


Creation of the eco-designed embossed bottle, a symbol of the company.


Turning point in sustainable development: eco-friendly filtration with a reed basin.


Takeover of the management of Château des Sources in Costières de Nîmes appellations. Beginnings of renovations for the buildings and the vineyard.


First commitments to reforestation with our partner Reforest’Action.


Labeling of Château des Sources as High Environmental Value (HVE 3). Development of environmental cuvées in the ‘Terroirs,’ ‘Estates & Châteaux,’ and ‘Unexpected’ collections.


Transition to HVE 3 for all partner Estates & Châteaux. Addition of new partner crus: Cairanne, Beaumes de Venise, etc.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and actions.


Obtaining the ‘Confirmed’ level of the Engaged CSR Label.

Sharing . Solidarity . Sustainable agriculture . Audacity . Sharing . Solidarity . Sustainable agriculture . Audacity . Sharing . Solidarity . Sustainable agriculture . Audacity .

Nos domaines

Domaine Blacieux – AOC Saint Joseph

Château de la Grande Gardiole – AOC Châteauneuf du Pape

Clos du Bois de Menge – AOC Gigondas

Domaine Saint Alimant – AOC Rasteau

Domaine de la Font de Salignan – AOC Cairanne

Domaine de la Daumace – AOC Beaumes de Venise

Domaine de la Ganse – AOC Vacqueyras

Domaine Dame Guilherme – AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu

Domaine de Villessèche – AOC Côtes du Rhône et Duché d’Uzès

Château des Sources – AOC Costières de Nîmes

Domaine Blacieux – AOC Saint Joseph

The Domaine de Blacieux is a property located in the Saint Joseph appellation, a cru in the northern Rhône Valley, owned by Luc DUCLAUX. This family estate spans 18 hectares and is currently managed by two brothers.

At the heart of their sustainable approach, nature takes a prominent place. They pay special attention to preserving the ecological balance of their lands by skillfully combining their steep terraced vineyards with polyculture activities.

The Domaine de Blacieux embodies a passion for viticulture and a love for the terroir. Their wines reflect the authenticity and richness of the Rhône Valley.

Luc Duclaux - Domaine de Blacieux

Château de la Grande Gardiole – AOC Châteauneuf du Pape

The Château de la Grande Gardiole was built in the 16th century in the heart of the southern Rhône Valley. Originally, it served as a barn to store the provisions of the Prince of Orange. Today, it is owned by the Rey family and has transformed into one of the largest estates in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation.

As a historic partner of Vignobles & Compagnie, Château de la Grande Gardiole embodies the viticultural heritage of the region. Through their expertise and commitment to quality, they have elevated their estate to a level of excellence.

This partnership reflects the authenticity and richness of the terroir of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Françoise Ry du Domaine Gardiole Menge Alimant

Clos du Bois de Menge – AOC Gigondas

The Clos du Bois de Menge, built on an old convent, is a heritage jewel passed down from generation to generation. Under the caring attention of the Rey family, this estate embodies the perfect alliance between tradition and expertise, giving rise to an exceptional wine in the Gigondas appellation, a southern cru of the Rhône Valley.

As a historic partner of Vignobles & Compagnie, the Clos du Bois de Menge has preserved and magnified the viticultural heritage of this region.

This union highlights the viticultural heritage of the Rhône Valley.

Françoise Ry du Domaine Gardiole Menge Alimant

Domaine Saint Alimant – AOC Rasteau

The vines of Domaine Saint Alimant, in the Rasteau appellation, have emerged on a soil steeped in history, once inhabited by the Romans. Owned by the Rey family, this estate draws its wealth from the past and the vestiges that surround it.

Nestled sheltered from the mistral in the locality of Alimant, the old Grenache vines, over fifty years old, give birth to an exceptional wine, elegant and full of character, in the image of their unique terroir.

As a historic partner of Vignobles & Compagnie, Domaine Saint Alimant embodies the authenticity and quality of wines from the Rasteau appellation.

This alliance celebrates the tradition and richness of the Rasteau terroir.

Françoise Ry du Domaine Gardiole Menge Alimant

Domaine de la Font de Salignan – AOC Cairanne

The La Font de Salignan estate is a family treasure for several generations in the Cairanne appellation, a prized southern cru in the Rhône Valley. Its name pays homage to the historic 17th-century fountain, a monument that stands on the estate.

Currently led by Flavien NICOLAS, this property has become one of the most important in the Cairanne appellation. Environmental preservation is at the heart of their concerns, with an HVE 3 (High Environmental Value) certification to their credit. Exclusive manual harvesting allows for optimal cluster selection, ensuring the quality of the wine.

Through the La Font de Salignan estate, it’s a journey through time and the history of Cairanne that unfolds, with the promise of an exceptional wine that respects its terroir.

Flavien Nicolas du Domaine de la Font de Salignan


Domaine de la Daumace – AOC Beaumes de Venise

The Domaine de La Daumace is a charming six-hectare property nestled at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail in the Beaumes de Venise appellation. This family vineyard surrounds an old silk farm dating back to the 18th century.

Today, it is Mr. Claude MEFFRE who passionately operates this estate. Grenache grapes represent 75% of the plantation. The undisputed king of the Rhône Valley, grenache captivates with its deliciousness and the roundness of its character.

At La Daumace, the grenaches benefit from the excellence of old vines, with an average age of around 50 years.

Claude Meffre du Domaine de la Daumace

Domaine de la Ganse – AOC Vacqueyras

The Domaine de la Ganse is the precious property of Coralie ONDE, a passionate female winemaker. In Provencal, ‘Ganse’ refers to the turning point, the end of the vine row allowing one to move from one row to another. This name is a tender tribute to her grandparents who always told her, ‘Go to the end of the Ganse!’

Coralie has been managing her 9-hectare estate in organic farming since 2014. For her, it was essential to steer her domain towards a sustainable approach. Her philosophy is clear: ‘Have as healthy a life as possible whenever we can.’

Her multifaceted profession allows her to create exceptional wines such as Vacqueyras blanc and rouge, all while respecting the nature and terroir that surround her.

Coralie Onde - Domaine de la Ganse

Domaine Dame Guilherme – AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu

The Domaine Dame Guilherme, a historic partner of Vignobles & Compagnie, is located in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu terroir, on a vast plateau of rolled pebbles near Cairanne. Owned since 1955 by Gabriel Meffre, it is now managed by his grandson Hugues Meffre and his daughter Aurélie.

The name of the domain comes from the religious ladies of the Abbey of Prébayon, notably “Dame Guilherme,” the last abbess of Prébayon. In the Middle Ages, the crossing of this vast forest of scrubland, exposed to bandits, led travelers to entrust their souls to God. This is how the Plan de Dieu would have inherited its name, probably linked to this legend.

Anchored in history and carrying a centuries-old winemaking tradition, Domaine Dame Guilherme continues to produce an excellent cuvée, bearing witness to the precious heritage of the Côtes du Rhône lands.

Aurélie Meffre du Domaine Dame Guilherme

Domaine de Villessèche – AOC Côtes du Rhône et Duché d’Uzès

The Domaine de Villessèche, a historic partner of Vignobles & Compagnie, is a family property located in the charming hamlet of Pougnadoresse. Led by brothers Nicolas and Rémi Villesseche, the estate has been perpetuating the balance between winemaking tradition and modern techniques for three generations.

With over 150 small plots, the vineyard’s great fragmentation offers varied exposure and a multitude of terroirs. The estate produces powerful, elegant, fresh, and fruity wines that highlight the dominant grape varieties of Syrah, Grenache, and Marselan.

With HVE 3 (High Environmental Value) certification since 2021, Domaine de Villessèche is committed to preserving its terroir and offering exceptional wines that reflect the unique character of this region.

Rémy et Nicolas Villesseche

Château des Sources – AOC Costières de Nîmes

he Château des Sources, located in Bellegarde in the Gard, covers 55 hectares. The three springs on the property feed several lakes in a magnificent 5-hectare park. The history of this family estate dates back to 1852, and since then, the ancestors of the Espinas family have enjoyed this idyllic setting for living, spending their holidays, and developing the vineyards.

The property also hosted André Gide, the famous writer, who stayed on the estate. Gide mentioned Château des Sources several times in his work.

Since 1991, Château des Sources has been one of the first partner estates of Vignobles & Compagnie. In 2017, upon the retirement of the operator, Vignobles & Compagnie took over the complete management of the vineyard and winemaking, thus accompanying the Espinas family, direct descendants of the Gide family, in the sustainability and qualitative development of the property.

Famille Espinas - Château des Sources

Our team

José Torrano responsable maintenance Fabrice Tirado responsable production Mélanie et Mathilde, équipe marketing Adrien Colaisseau responsable achats Christine Soulier responsable administration des ventes export Corinne Grégoire responsable Administration des Ventes France

José Torrano

Maintenance Manager for 10 years

“Progress is only possible through change. The maintenance department works closely with the production department. Its goal is to enhance the efficiency of the technical and, by extension, human resources of Vignobles & Compagnie to achieve exceptional results. It is the combined skills and experiences of each team member that create synergy and drive the performance of Vignobles & Compagnie. We have a direct impact on human capital, particularly on the quality of work life, by optimizing each position so that employees are in the best conditions to fulfill their missions.”

Fabrice Tirado

Production Manager for 27 years

“Producing wines while respecting our environment is our guiding principle. Our area of expertise plays a crucial role at Vignobles et Compagnie. We transform a wine concept into a finished product. We contribute to enhancing the final product through internationally recognized expertise. The majority of waste, including cardboard, labels, bottles, and plastic, is sorted and compacted to reduce the number of trips made by our recycling provider. The modernization of our equipment also allows us to save a significant volume of water during the wine production process.”

Mélanie Gonzalez & Mathilde Escande

Marketing Team for 15 and 1.5 years

“Embedding an authentic CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy at the heart of our Winery’s ecosystem is our challenge! The primary wealth of La Winerie is its human resources. The marketing department contributes to its enhancement by promoting skills through digital means. Internal events, such as team-building days, nourish social cohesion, strengthen bonds, and also, most importantly, regularly highlight the expertise and strong involvement of employees. The marketing department primarily contributes to environmental preservation through product eco-design practices, the development of a certified offering, and the selection of green suppliers. Satellite actions related to the wine industry are, of course, undertaken, such as enriching biodiversity through reforestation of forests.”

Adrien Colaisseau

Purchasing Manager for 4 years

“The energy of each individual allows us to go further! For me, four major elements represent the foundations of Vignobles & Compagnie: sharing, commitment, availability, and finally, teamwork. Through my role in monitoring/supporting our winemaker partners, I am truly engaged in the daily life of the local community, alongside the men and women who work the land. I strive to share my knowledge, to engage in maximum collaboration with them. Together, we pursue the goal of preserving the environment. This mission requires availability, attentiveness to needs, and listening to each person. And all of this would not be possible without the desire to move forward together, this spirit of teamwork. I try to show solidarity towards my colleagues, the winemakers, and suppliers to succeed together and constantly improve.”

Christine Soulier

Export Sales Administration Manager for 4 years

“Success is at the intersection of respect, flexibility, and continuous improvement! For me, three essential elements drive us at Vignobles & Compagnie: respect, versatility, and a commitment to improvement. I strive to apply them every day. I consider myself a person naturally inclined to show great respect. My roles are very versatile, ranging from customer contact to Export Administrative back-office tasks. Being in this position for four years, I still have much to learn and improve!”

Corinne Gregoire

France Sales Administration Manager for 27.5 years

“Respect, honesty, and teamwork guide our daily relationships. For me, Vignobles & Compagnie is, above all, about respect. It’s the respect we have for our customers, suppliers, and among ourselves, internally among the staff. Honesty, integrity, and ethics are also fundamental values of our Winery. We take responsibility, and we do not deceive our customers. Everyone is committed to the ongoing pursuit of quality, especially through our work with our partner producers, and the quest for new collaborations. All of this is based on listening and building relationships. We listen to our customers, always ready to respond to their requests, whether it’s about the wine profile, packaging, or anything else. Finally, Vignobles & Compagnie is a commitment to the environment, through sustainable practices. All of this unites us in a real team spirit, where collective problem-solving and consideration of everyone’s ideas are not just words.”

Labellisations et certifications

Vignobles & Compagnie demonstrates strong commitments to sustainability and responsibility:

  • Engagement RSE Certification (ISO 26 000): Our approach is rooted in our strategy and management, aligning with the principles of ISO 26000. We aim for sustainable development by taking responsibility for the consequences of our decisions.
  • Organic Certification: Our viticultural and winemaking practices are certified organic by Bureau Veritas, ensuring environmental respect, biodiversity, and products free from synthetic chemicals and GMOs.
  • HVE 3 Certification: Our environmental commitment is further emphasized by the Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE) certification, attesting to our practices that preserve ecosystems and reduce pressures on the environment. This certification is based on biodiversity, phytosanitary measures, fertilization, and irrigation.
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