Christine SOULIER is part of the Vignobles & Compagnie sales team. As Export Sales Development Assistant Manager, she follows each of our vintages outside our borders with attention and passion. Discover here her portrait:

– What are, for you, the values/philosophy of the company? –

“For me, 3 essential elements drive us at Vignobles & Compagnie:

– RESPECT: of employees, mutual respect between colleagues, respect of business partners, respect of the product we sell, of the environment.

– FLEXIBILITY / VERSATILITY: the hallmark of an SME!

– The DESIRE FOR IMPROVEMENT: to satisfy our customers, to maintain and improve our wines and services while controlling our market share.”

– What are the ones you share with the company? –

“I share all the values of Vignoble & Compagnie!”

– If so, how do you apply them on a daily basis?

– “I try to apply them on a daily basis. I think I am a very respectful person by nature. My functions are very versatile: from customer contact to the Administrative Export backoffice. Having been in the job for a year and a half, I still have a lot to learn and improve!”

Claude Rigoulet