Today, we present you the interview of our marketing duo Vignobles & Compagnie: Mélanie and Lorène. Their power duo is fueled by a passion for doing things right. Discover them through this series of questions and answers:

– What are the values/philosophy of the company for you? –

“In our opinion, the main values of Vignobles & Compagnie are first of all HELP. A benevolence between all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers).
Also, SHARING with the importance of exchanging successes and failures. Our cooperation allows us to improve our skills among employees.
We are also very COMMITTED. A strong loyalty and fidelity to our convictions and promises.
PERSEVERANCE characterizes Vignobles & Compagnie. A tenacity and a desire for continuous improvement on a daily basis, no matter what the odds.”

– What are the ones you share with the company? –

“We share them all but we are especially attached to HELP and SHARING which are the ones that guide our daily life.”

– How do you apply them on a daily basis? –

“We apply ENTRAIDE within the department, through our ability to work in pairs. In the company, we make ourselves available to the entire V&co team on a daily basis.
We are in perpetual EXCHANGE, our duo is fluid and dynamic, we share our knowledge and our skills. A state of mind that is both healthy and collaborative!
This SHARING is a source of motivation and emulation. In the company, our cooperation and transparency form our greatest strength.”

Claude Rigoulet